Auditions for Centre Stage Fringe Series Opener

lincoln towingAuditions for “The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing”  by Steven Young will be held Sunday, June 28.

Please visit and submit at least your headshot and resume by Friday, June 26 if you’d like to be considered for this show. Videoclips are preferred, but not mandatory.

Show Dates are Sept. 15-23 and Oct. 4.

About the Play
Trapped in the most horrendous rainstorm in Chicago history, six characters of diverse backgrounds are thrust together, sharing one thing in common: all have had their car towed that night by the notorious and corrupt Lincoln Towing. Vehicular-ily challenged and the thunderstorm uncooperative, each individual confronts their present circumstances, coming to the conclusion that life has roared by, rendering them impotent to act. Liquor fuels the aggressive atmosphere. Assured they can escape detection and that the cities seething hatred of Lincoln Towing will hinder any attempt at prosecution should they be caught, the group sets out to strike back at Lincoln Towing.


Stan: A female in her late twenties of any race.

Janicowski: A middle aged caucasian male.

Darwin: An African American male in his early thirties.

Lilly: A Caucasian female in her late twenties or early thirties.

Flo: A middle aged Caucasian female.

DMZ: A young male of any race, with an English accent.

This play will be directed by Evan Harris. For more information, please visit or contact Melanie Ann Wiliford at


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