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Anne and Jayce Tromsness
Anne and Jayce Tromsness

In honor of the improved fall weather and the festivities of Fall for Greenville, you can use the promo code “FALL” to get 50% off all shows this weekend if you purchase them online! That means you can see some great live comedy for only $5!

Friday, October 9th

7:30PM – Unscripted theatrical improv comedy

Every Friday at 7:30pm Alchemy Comedy Theater features two completely improvised  comedy teams. From a single suggestion, the performers will create an entire world right before your eyes. This week will be house teams Homage (improvised movie) and Harry (improvised Harold).

9:00PM – Local Legends improv inspired by stories from Anne and Jayce Tromsness

Alchemy’s flagship comedy show (going strong for 4 years) is Local Legends. Each night, a different guest “local legend” (person of note) tells their own “local legends” (personal stories) to inspire this fully improvised show. This Friday’s guests are well known actors, directors, teachers Anne and Jayce Tromsness.

Saturday, October 10th

7:30PM – King of the Mountain: Competitive Improv Games

King of the Mountain is a full on comedy battle royale featuring several veteran Alchemy players competing for points and your laughs. You may have seen some games like this on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, but here the points matter. It’s a head to head (to head to head to head to head to head to head) tournament where players are eliminated, dreams are made, and one is named comedy king for the evening.

9:00 PM – Sketch Comedy: Favorite Scripted Scenes of the Year

Every Saturday this year we’ve hosted a Sketch Review. This was a make-shift scripted comedy show. However, for October we are putting together some of our favorite sketches from the year into one finished show. Some pieces are poignant and some are political. Some are serious and some are absurd. Some are musical and some are silent. It’s everything you would expect from a formal sketch revue.

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