Hendersonville Community Theatre Seeks Directors

hendersonville logoIf you would like to direct during our Hendersonville Community Theatre 2017 season, please submit no more than 2 plays you would like to direct.  Your two play selections may be from the same genre.

If you have no particular play(s) in mind to direct, that would be fine, too.

Please provide the following information for each play you submit:

  • The playwright
  • The publisher
  • The number of cast members REQUIRED.
  • The gender, approximate age range, and any special requirements for the cast members (e.g., dialects, musical ability, athleticism, combat scenes).
  • A short description of the play.
  • A copy of the play, if available.

We would also like to know:

  • The month which you would prefer your show being produced.
  • Your preference for Main Stage or Second Stage.
  • Do you have a set designer, sound designer, lighting designer, and/or stage manager you would like to use for your production. (This is not required, but we always support new folks who want to get involved at the tech level.)

Our play reading committee will consider all of these aspects as we select our 2017 season.

If your play is selected for possible inclusion into our 2017 season, we will ask you to attend a meeting with our committee by May 15 for a brief question/answer session.

Please remember: your request must reach us by Wednesday, March 23.

If you know of any persons interested in directing for HCT, please share this information with them as we do not have a formal application to submit. Submit your information to Jim Walker grendel692002@yahoo.com or mail to Hendersonville Community Theatre, P.O. Box 66, Hendersonville NC 28793. Attn: Jim Walker. Visit http://www.hendersonvilletheatre.org or call (828) 692-1082.

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