REVIEW: FIRE Theatre’s ‘Guys and Dolls’ is a Bushel and a Peck of Fun

guys and dolls3The Fire Theatre Company’s season closing production of Guys and Dolls is loaded with great individual performances. The actors playing the 4 main characters are all well cast in their roles and each of them brings good believability to his or her performance.

Lindsay Polowczuk’s strong acting skills, complemented by a powerful voice make her character, Sara Brown, both engaging and entertaining. Dan Wilkie brings a nice balance of machismo and romanticism to his very convincing Sky Masterson. Together they come off as a nicely complementing couple.

Becca Payne brings a spot on performance to her performance, hitting all the right notes dramatically, comedically and vocally. Her voice, whether singing or just in dialogue, was perfect Miss Adelaide. Joseph Hawks, a youngish Nathan Detroit, brought the goods with a mixture of vulnerability, impishness and just enough light hearted deviousness with his strong acting. Mr. Hawks really only got to show off his vocal skills in one number but he come through in impressive style.

There were a number of strong supporting actors in the production as well, most notably Nathan Hamilton who, as a smirking, bouncing Nicely Nicely Johnson, frequently steals the scenes that he is in. He brings high energy and an excellent voice to a “nicely” filled out character. I would also single out Jonathan Harper (Rusty Charlie), Joseph Bogs (Lt. Brannigan) and Hugh Murphy (Arvide Abernathy) for their fine performances.

Besides the fine individual and ensemble acting in this show the entire cast should be complemented and their singing. Almost every single vocal number comes off completely entertaining and satisfying. The duets are especially strong. “Marry The Man Today” with Adelaide and Sarah, “Sue Me” with Adelaide and Nathan, “Guys and Doll” with Nicely Johnson and Rusty Charlie, and “I’ll Know” with Sarah and Sky Masterson were all “boffo” in old Variety parlance.

The costuming, except for a tiny fail in “Bushel and a Peck”, was appropriate with crapshooters looking like crapshooters, Mission personnel looking like Mission personnel and Hot Box Girls looking like Hot Box Girls. The show is directed by Zachary Pelicano and overall moved smoothly from scene to scene with good continuity of story.

Whether sinner or saint, you would enjoy the diversion of this entertaining show so go on by the Younts Center for the Performing Arts in Fountain Inn and catch a performance.

“Guys and Dolls” continue through May 22, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 3 pm at the Younts Center for Performing Arts, 315 N. Main St. in Fountain Inn. Call (864) 409-0150 or visit.

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