REVIEW: Foothills Playhouse’s ‘Doubt’ Keeps You in Doubt til the End

Kathy Patterson and Arielle Coulter in “Doubt.” Photo by Lisa Spears.


What is doubt? By definition, a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. This is how the production of “Doubt: A Parable,” written by John Patrick Shanley goes. The production is directed by Tim Spears and it is one that keeps you guessing until the very end.

As the lighting fades, the stage is illuminated to reveal the well thought-through set, designed by Tim Spears Sr., to reveal the office of Sister Aloysius (Kathy Patterson), the pulpit, and the school’s gardens.

The story takes place in a Catholic school in 1964, around the time of President Kennedy’s death, where you’ll find the preacher, Father Flynn (Tyler Brooks) completing one of his sermons. Brooks certainly does an amazing job making you feel like you are sitting in the pew listening to a Sunday service. When the service ends you find yourself in Sister Aloysius’ office as her suspisions of Father Flynn’s actions with the young boys at the school, especially one in particular, seem to be coming into view.

With the aid of the young, new nun, Sister James (Carlie Brooks), her suspicions are being to surface more. The game of cat and mouse ensues from there. With each new turn, and new secret revealed, you find yourself trying to solve this mystery throughout the play.  This makes Sister Aloysius’ questioning the mother of the young boy (Arielle Coulter), and any motives or clues that may hint something fowl is happening at the school.

But who is telling the truth? What are Father Flynn’s motives? Is there truly doubt in this case of Sherlock Holmes?

Nianza Spears’ lighting sets the mood and makes each scene independent along with the subtle sounds and music The costumes are completely spot on for the characters. Lisa Spears is the produce of “Doubt.”

This play is not intended for small children under the age of 13 due to some mild adult situations. Please be advised.


The production only runs for one weekend only, November 3-5 at the Foothills Playhouse, 201 S 5th St. in Easley.Show times are 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and 3pm on Sunday. Tickets are only $5. Call the Box Office at (864) 855-1817or visit

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