Scrappy Shakes Presents Joyful ‘Much Ado’… and Best Original Score of the Season!

Much Ado About Nothing at the Spartanburg Fringe Arts Festival


Since their very first show four summers ago, Scrappy Shakespeare, Spartanburg’s only professional theater company and only outdoor Shakespeare troupe, has always infused music, original music, in its low-budget but inventive model of theatrical exploration.

But Much Ado About Nothing pushes the musical component to new heights.

This comedy about marrying off obstinate cousins, flirty deception, and downright silliness, is being presented all over the Upstate and Columbia through June 30 at both indoor and outdoor venues.

As it were rummer Thanksgiving, the Scrappy Shakes founders always manage to set aside their various endeavors that traverse the region and country, and return to Spartanburg for another Bard play.

Liam MacDougall (scary as hell like in a poncho like he just stepped out of a Quinten Tarantino spaghetti western), Chandler Crawford (singing “I’m as Ass!”), Sarah Hurley, Anna Abhau Elliott (Beatrice), Tim Giles, Lauren Ferebee, Alastair Mann as Hero, Connor Vetter and Madison Tisdel sometimes switch up parts at shows, and dig into Much Ado with brevity, farce, quick wit, and always embracing the immersive experience at each unique venue, in this case the Venue at West Main Artists Co-Operative at the Spartanburg Fringe Arts Festival.

The storyline is fast and loose and set in the south near the border, but it’s Ferebee’s original songs (around a dozen or more) that drive this piece. With elements of bluegrass, Americana, folk, rock and country, Ferebee weaves together the Best Original Score of the Season as the Scrappy members play everything from electric guitar to tambourine.

“Walk Softly, Look Sweetly, Say Nothing” should be on Spotify and iTunes.

Much Ado About Nothing continues through June 30 and all shows are FREE.

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June 22 – 7:30 PM – Courtyard at corner of Magnolia & Dunbar Streets
June 23 – 7:30 PM – The Silo at RJ Rockers
June 27 – 7:30 PM – Spartanburg Marriott
June 29 – 7:30 PM – Courtyard at corner of Magnolia & Dunbar Streets
June 30 – 7:30 PM – Wedge Brewery

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