Theatre Artist Katherine Rausch Honors Women in ‘I Am’ Show at The Warehouse

Self Portrait by Katherine Rausch

Theatre artist Katherine Rausch celebrates the power of women in her first Greenville solo show I Am at The Warehouse Theatre during Glow Lyric Theatre’s summer season through August 6.

Her props have been featured in many shows across the Upstate at Glow, Centre Stage, Spartanburg Little Theatre and more. Rausch is also owner of PetPops, specializing in portraits of pets from dogs and cats to reptiles and horses.


When I finished reading Mary Crow Dog’s autobiographical memoir “Lakota Woman,” I was angry. I wept. I started to reflect on how long oppression has continued to occur. I realized this country has persecuted people of color, women, and other minority groups for centuries. So, I asked friends to send me their “I AM” photos. I wanted to create a view of intersectionality. What we see on this wall is a collection ofbeautiful women, all portraying their unique individual personality. What we don’t see are the life experiences and multi-layered facets of who these women are on a deeper level. 

Some of these women lost their lives because of who they are and what they believed.

Some of these women have PhDs and, some are MDs working to empower and heal other women facing oppression.

Some of these women are poets and writers, organizing groups and working in their communities. 

Some of these women are LGBTQ, rallying with others fighting for equality and to end violence against LGBTQ. 

Some of these women have privilege, while others live with generations of systemic racism.  

All of these women have lost something. All of these women have fought daily for their own existence.

They have lost rights, loved ones, children, jobs, and self-worth.

Women have been killed, shamed, silenced, objectified, and exploited. 

I wanted to create a wall of unity. I would ask that you find room in your heart and in dialog with others. Start listening to and truly hearing the stories and points of view from diverse groups of women. Remember that we, as women, all share life experiences that are composed of multi-layered facets. Respect one another for that.

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