Glow Announces New Virtual Program through Nov. 19

Glow keeps connecting with audiences through brand new virtual programming  

Since Glow Lyric Theatre announced their virtual programming series, Glow Online, in March, the musical theatre and opera company has created a total of 23 weeks of virtual content and received up to 45,000 views each week on their social media platforms. 

“We never took a break,” says Glow’s Artistic Director, Jenna Elser. “This virtual programming is the only way we have to connect to our audiences safely, and connection is one of the main things we need right now as people.” 

Glow has announced a whole new slew of digital programming for their Glow Online Series, beginning on September 3 and running through November 19th. 

 These new programs, titled Creator’s Cut and Tales from the Pit, offer an intimate view into the lives of the artists who make up Glow, and celebrate their rich 10 year history as South Carolina’s only opera and musical theatre company. 

When asked what inspired this second round of virtual programming, Elser said she  wanted to focus on the professional artists that audiences may never be aware of, like their set, costume and lighting designers as well as orchestra members.

“Creator’s Cut spotlights our backstage staff and designers, while Tales from Pit showcases our live musicians” Elser explains.

The two programs will alternate every other Thursday at 12pm EDT on Glow’s Facebook page, or on their Youtube channel, for those without Facebook accounts. 

Both Creator’s Cut and Tales from the Pit will feature interviews, intimate performances, weird facts about life in the theatre, and even Do-It-Yourself craft projects. 

Even after postponing their popular Summer Festival Season and facing a fall where theatres across the country are shuttered,  Elser still believes that the arts are vital- especially now. 

“We’re not able to produce live theatre right now,” Elser says, “but that doesn’t mean Glow is going to stop providing our audiences with the kind of experience they’ve come to expect from us, even if we have to do it through a different medium.”

Creator’s Cut
Every other Thursday at 12pm EDT Starting September 3
Spotlighting our backstage staff and designers
Each production Glow mounts is original, hand crafted and built by award winning lighting, set, costume and props designers. Talented staff like our stage manager and festival manager keep all the impressive theatrical elements running smoothly. We’ll “pull back the curtain” and reveal the ins and outs of theatre-making with past Glow designers and staff including personal stories, how their work has evolved over the years, tricks of their trade, and DIY moments! 

Tales from the Pit 
Every other Thursday at 12pm EDT Starting September 10th
Showcasing our live musicians 
Did you know that Glow is one of the few theatres in the Upstate that has a live orchestra or band for every production? This program features musicians who have played live music with Glow spanning ten years of productions. They’ll share never-before-heard-stories from their time in Glow’s orchestra pit, factoids about their life as musicians, weird quirks about their instrument, and intimate performances! 
Available to view on Facebook or Youtube

For more information on the Glow Online Series or to view upcoming programming, visit

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