Mark Twain’s “Is He Dead?” at Centre Stage

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Is-He-Dead-Concepts-4Is He Dead?

By Mark Twain & Adapted by David Ives
Show dates: Sept 8 – 24, 2016

Mark Twain’s brilliant, but rarely-seen stage comedy is the hilarious story of a talented young painter named Jean-Francois Millet, who is deeply in love, but deeply in debt. To escape his money woes and become rich and famous, he fakes his own death and masquerades as his ‘country sister’. Now a rich widow, he must find a way to get out of a dress, return to his life, and marry his true love.
Cast:   Dave LaPage as ‘Jean-Francois Millet/Widow Daisy Tillou’
Maury Reed as ‘Hans Von Bismarck aka Dutchy’
Chris Cashon as ‘Phelim O’Shaugnessy’
Jenni Baldwin as ‘Marie Leroux’
JJ Pearson as ‘Charlie, Basil Thorpe, Claude Riviere, King’
Simon Crowe as ‘Bastien Andre’
Johnathan Schofield as ‘Agamemnon Buckner aka Chicago’
Richard Beveridge as ‘Papa Leroux’
Christiana Ruebert as ‘Cecile Leroux’
Judy Klein as ‘Madame Bathilde/Sultan’
MJ Maurer as ‘Madame Carson/Emperor’
Tickets for Is He Dead? are $30, $25, and $10. Shows are on stage Thursday through Sunday, and all seats are reserved.  You can reach the box office Tues– Fri from 2-6 pm and 2 hours before performances at 864-233-6733 or visit us online at for tickets and additional information.
Is He Dead? is sponsored by The Faust-Boyer Group of Raymond James and ADG Preferred Payroll.
Centre Stage
501 River Street
Greenville, SC 29604
(864) 233-6733

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