The Magnetic Theatre 2019 Season

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The Magnetic Theatre produces original works in Asheville, NC

2019 Magnetic Theatr eSeason

The Magnetic Theatre’s season opens on March 8th with the North Carolina premiere of Action Movie: The Play by Joe Foust and Richard Ragsdale. This production, originally produced by the Defiant Theatre in Chicago, is an over-the-top, stunt-filled parody of classic action movies from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s: kung-fu fighting, cyborgs, brainy sidekicks, and a mindblowing highspeed car chase.

Opening May 10th, Buncombe Tower is an occult history of a city a lot like this one. It follows a mythical path, a possible future and its prodigal daughter is trying to sort it all out. This world premiere by Asheville playwright Peter Lundblad opens June 14th is a fable about the casualties of gentrification told through poetry, puppetry and fantasy.

Asheville playwright David Hopes’ play, In the Assassin’s Garden, is a smoldering historical look at an America riven by partisan politics, flirting with socialism, and galvanized by a swiftly rising feminist movement. Seemingly contemporary, this historical play looks at the chaotic and frenzied wake of the assassination of William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States. Opening June 14th.

On August 2nd, The Magnetic Theatre will present the NC Premiere of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel’s breathtaking 2015 play, Indecent. This play is based on true events surrounding the incendiary 1923 Broadway debut of Yiddish writer Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance and the controversial lesbian love scene it contained, and the actors who risked their careers – and lives – to perform it.

Murphy Funkhouser-Capps brings her one-woman, Carry-On to The Magnetic Theatre beginning September 6th, in a special limited engagement. Focusing on the “baggage” we accumulate and carry through life, Carry-On provides a startling and funny look at our world from a perspective many will never know.

On September 27th, the theatre will present the world premiere of Los Angeles based playwright Laurie Jones’ The Legacy of Amelia Aldean. A one-note-wonder novelist, who is in the throes of a long dry spell, has moved into the house of dead writer Amelia Aldean; in the hopes of summoning her ghost to“invade his life,” desperate to find the story that will turn his life around.

Mountain Political Action Committee Meets Again – In the Nick of Time! is the sequel to the 2018 hit show by Asheville playwright Honor Moor. The underfunded and underprepared (but committed!) Mountain Political Action Committee returns to confront another crisis in Asheville; as a group of conservatives, who feel that their way of life is being threatened, hold divisive a rally. When unwelcome guests crash the rally, the members of MOPAC must find some common ground with the conservatives, in order to fight for the town they all love.

The Magnetic Theatre’s 2019 season will close with the 10th anniversary production of the delightfully wicked Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular. This show is a “must-see” holiday event that is 100% Asheville and definitely just for grown-ups.